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Most flats boats in today’s market have a cramped cockpit fishing area where space has been consumed by an enlarged front casting platform. In addition, these boats have shallow cockpit sides ranging from only 10” to 14” in height. This limits the number of people that can fish both comfortably and safely. However, the new Young 20 has solved this problem with a spacious, uncluttered 6’10” by 8’1” cockpit fishing area with sides over 20” in height. The Young 20 achieved this roomy layout without compromising performance or appearance. The graceful curvature of the reverse sheer line, which is the signature of this exclusive hull design, creates higher cockpit sides and acts as a built-in hull stiffener. This not only provides an attractive, functional and safe layout but also translates into a smooth, dry, and stable ride that must be experienced to believe.


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